Soless Helmet Visor

Soless Helmet Visor


Product Description

The Soless™ Classic UV-Blocking Riding Helmet Visor offers as much sun protection as sunblock without blocking a rider's view above and the peripheral view to each side. Unlike traditional baseball hats, straw hats or cotton visors, the Soless™ Visor provides a full spectrum of sun protection effectively and safely shading the front and sides of your face and neck with 92% UV protection.

The lightweight design with adjustable closure easily attaches and secures to your helmet without the mess or hassle of sticky glues or adhesives. The transparent polycarbonate film filters sunlight without impeding vision, creating a safe shaded zone for riding in extreme sun conditions.

Both colors offer a superfine mesh layer on top of the visor which you can easily see through. The Black visor has black superfine mesh and the Gold piping version has minute gold flecks in the superfine mesh that will subtly sparkle in the sun.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, Easy to Use Design

  • No Messy Glues or Adhesives

  • Adjustable, Universal Fit

  • Additional "Helmet Visor Clip" for Ultimate Security

  • 92% UV Protective Transparent Polycarbonate Film

  • Full Spectrum Coverage & Shade

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

  • 4.5" Brim

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