MDC 'S' Flex Stirrups

MDC 'S' Flex Stirrups


The MDC ‘S’ Flex™ features our patented 45° ‘S’ Positioning Technology with shock absorbing flex sides. Combined with our ultra-low profile, high traction aluminum tread, the MDC ‘S’ Flex Stirrup™ delivers improved stirrup and leg position, greater base of support, relieves pressure on ankles, knees, hips and back, is easily retrievable and safer in the event of a fall. The MDC ‘S’ Flex™ brings a new era of stirrup design to riders and trainers of all riding disciplines. The MDC ‘S’ Flex™ advances stirrup design into the future.

• Patented MDC ‘S’ Flex Stirrups™ with 45º ‘S’ Stirrup Positioning Technology

• Invisible design produces performance advantages for riders of all riding disciplines

• Multi-Pivot Point™, shock absorbing sides
•Ultra-low profile, high traction wide aluminum tread with 45º easy retrieval trailing edge
•Optional traditional width aluminum tread available
•Lighter weight, 2.6 lbs/pair (1.18 kg/pair)
•Available in 3 sizes (4.5, 4.75 & 5 inches)
•Ideal for Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Polo, Endurance and Trail Riding

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