Cavallo Varius Tall Riding Boot w/ Crystals

Cavallo Varius Tall Riding Boot w/ Crystals

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The Cavallo Varius jumping tall leather boot are perfect for comfort, style and durability. The Varius boot by Cavallo work as perfect all-round boots for any discipline you chose.

Made in soft nappa leather they are water resistant and dirt repellent with a technical comfort sole. They have a very modern look, a vamp cut, elasticate stretch panel alongside the zip and elastic lacing across the front of the boot.

Varius Boot Features:

  • Perfect fit shape

  • Soft high quality leather

  • Tecnical comfort insole

  • High bow

  • Vamp cut

  • Cross-stretch insert

  • Elastic lacing

  • Spur holder with spur protection

  • Water- and dirtrepellent

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