Stomach Treat

Stomach Treat


Papayas are a rich source of antioxidant nutrients such as Carotenes, Vitamin C, Flavonoids, B Vitamins, Folate, Pantothenic acid, and minerals, Potassium, Copper, and Magnesium. Papaya contains the digestive enzyme, Papain. Together, these nutrients promote healthy function of the cardiovascular system and help provide protection to the digestive system. Our product has shown to be helpful in promoting proper digestive function, reducing inflammation and improves healing from burns. This may explain why horses eat and digest better when papaya is added to their feed.


★Protects digestive system.
★ Soothes and alleviates ulcer pains.
★A rich source of vitamin C, B, E, flavonoids, folate, pantothenic acid and antioxidant nutrients.
★ Helps maintain weight and appetite.
★ Promotes healthy digestive functions.
★ Provides a highlevel of bioavailable nutrients.
★ Helps eliminate cribbing.
★ Alleviates stress and stomach digestive discomfort.
★ Rich in minerals such as potassium, copper and magnesium
★ Helps to maintain proper blood pressure and keeps inflammation under control.
★ Papaya has many additional health benefits including promoting healthy cardiovascular and digestive systems.

Stomach treat, 100% pure papaya puree has extremely effective properties that help alleviate the discomfort and pain that is usually associated with EGUS. It gently soothes the gastric system, replenishing essential enzymes and nutrients, restoring balance and proper digestive functions.

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)

Research has shown the prevalence of EGUS:
★ 60% to 93% in performance horses
★ 40% to 58% of show horses
★ 25% to 50% in foals
★ 11% in lesson horses
★ 66.6% in pregnant broodmares
★ 37-53 pleasure horses

Causes of EGUS

★ Damage occurs when aggressive factors overpower defenses of gastric mucosa
★ Squamous mucosal lesions (80%) result from increased acids
★ Glandular mucosal lesions (20%) result from impaired mucosal protection.

Risk factors for gastric ulcers

★ Infrequent hay feeding
★ High grain diet
★ Feeding horses more than five pounds of grain every five to six hours can cause gastric ulcers

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