CleanTrax Deep Penetrating Hoof Cleanser

CleanTrax Deep Penetrating Hoof Cleanser


A deep, penetrating hoof cleanser proven to be effective in eliminating even the toughest infections. Purges bacteria, fungi and spores from the deepest hoof layers and crevices, while removing dead, powdery soft remnants of tissue destroyed by fungal activity. Often effective with just one application. Mix entire bottle with one gallon water. Soak hoof for 30-60 minutes. Store the bottle in a refrigerator or a cool dry place. DO NOT leave it in the sun or expose to heat.

  • Proven on the toughest infections - white line disease, seedy toe, thrush, infected abscesses, and canker

  • Penetrates deeply into laminar layers to flush out bacteria, fungi, and spores

  • Quick and effective - one soak usually does the job

  • Completely safe on open wounds

  • Will not alter skin, hair, hoof quality of appearance

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